God has worked wonders in my life. He has given me opportunities I would never have thought I would be given. He has blessed me with loving family and friends.

I would like to share some of those blessings with you.

This is a poem written by my niece. Her poem speaks to women and what we mean to each other.


One thing rings true when I talk about my sisters

They are strong when they feel weak

They will celebrate their successes and hold your hand or wipe your tears on your hardest days

Blood did not make us sisters but our bond is deeper than any roots in the ground

No distance separates the love we have for one another and one sisters heartbreak is felt through each and everyone’s core

See the one thing you may not know is that our love for one another holds true through the crashing waves and strongest of storms

I will be there to love you, hug you and just be still if that’s what you need me to be because you are my sister and I’m so blessed to have each and everyone of you

--Nicole Lansing

What an honor and a blessing.

I am so excited to have my book The Book Lover's Companion, Second Edition picked as the November Book of the Month by Penny Penrod Childers.


Visit her Facebook page to see her endorsement. 


One never knows who one will meet. Nor does one know who your friends know.

Case in point. 

My friend PeggySue Wells invited me to participate in an interview she was doing. The interview was with Richard Paul Evans on his book The Noel Letters. 


What an amazing opportunity. What an incredible author and book.


Make sure to check out Richard Paul Evan's book The Noel Letters and all his other books.